Lipski Dip Can Carrier

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The Lipski is a purpose built dip can carrier. Keep those pesky wear marks off of your designer jeans and keep your chaw on your hip. Not only can the Lipski be mounted to your belt, it can also be mounted to MOLLE on tactical webbing such as MOLLE or PALS. Design your own Lipski with customizing colors and mounts to best fit your needs. Simply insert your dip can in the top till you hear the click and keep it stored till you need that nicotine hit. Then push from the bottom, ejecting the canister therefore letting you fill your lip with dip, from your Lipski. Here are the technical specs.



  • .08" Kydex T P1 Haircell
  • Fixed Retention
  • Simple Design


Mount Capabilities:

  • Blackhawk
  • Bladetech
  • G-Code
  • Tactical Tailor MALICE Clips
  • Safariland ELS and MLS