Messenger Radio Carrier

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  The Messenger Radio Carrier series contains all of the following features throughout the different models we support. The Messenger is a two piece Kydex carrier designed to protect your radio in every way possible. Featuring a "hot-mic" proof design you will never worry about hitting buttons unintentionally. Built with every thought of  weather conditions in mind, this carrier has a quick drain structure and drains one gallon of water in 1.5 seconds, just in case you decide to go snorkeling. While providing a strong structure the carrier allows you to drop your radio in, unmodified (except removal of the belt clip) adjust the retention as desired and be on your way.


Check out the specs;


.080" Kydex T P1 Haircell

Water resistant design

Hot mic resistant

Wide range of adjustable retention

Enlarged PTT port accepting most aftermarket audio plugs

Mounting platform compatible with;

  • Safariland QLS/ELS
  • G-Code RTI
  • Bladetech
  • Blackhawk/Serpa
  • Tactical Tailor MALICE Clips


Check the compatibility lists below!


Baofeng UV5R Model:

  • UV-5R
  • UV-5RV2
  • UV-5RV2+
  • BF-F8
  • BF-F8V2
  • BF-F8HP
  • BF-F9
  • BF-F9V2
  • Possibly more, who knows, aren't they all the same anyways?

Motorola APX6000 Model:

  • APX 6000
  • APX 7000

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  • 5
    Excellent pouch

    Posted by Josh Downs on May 8th 2019

    This is one of the only companies to offer a kydex radio carrier for this radio. I'm suprised it took so long considering the popularity of the radio.

    I actually bought two of these one for MOLLE mounting and the other with a paddle mount for use when not wearing gear.

    Both have held up well and I will continue to use them for quite a while to come.

  • 3
    Messanger Radio Carrier

    Posted by Doc on May 2nd 2019

    Good Idea...protects the radio from bumps and covers the buttons avoiding accidental keys. The radio fits in very tightly to the point of being difficult to extract even with the tension adjustment all the way out. Could be improved . Suggestions ...make a model that the radio can be carried the other way in,(facing in) so that you can see screen and buttons bye just pulling it up and tilting. Make it so that it will hold the radio with the belt clip attached so that you can use it ether way. Lastly, some sort of flap or top to protect the radio from rain or dirt if you go prone. This would also give added retention so that the radio does not have to be in so tight that it is difficult to get out.

  • 5
    Best one out there

    Posted by K Sorensen on May 2nd 2019

    I play paintball, airsoft and I am a firearms instructor for the military. When my unit (8 people) was looking for communications on the range I showed them my UV5R. This quickly was adopted and used on the range. The down fall being the availability of a pouch. We used the included belt clips that kept breaking then countless nylon pouches finding that the double rifle mag pouch was the best fit. Then I ran across a youtube review of the "messenger". You see I been looking for a kydex pouch to provide added protection and a professional look. I was about to have a custom one made. This product saved me almost $100 and allowed for easy movement using the RTI attachment. Trust me when I say, buy it you will not regret it.

  • 5
    very nice carrer!

    Posted by brian on Dec 8th 2018

    if you have a standard battery i would still buy the extended carrier, the standard battery fits like a glove! the only gripe that i have is, that there should be an option to get it with mod straps!