• Ultimate Player Pack

    Ultimate Player Pack

    The Ultimate Player Pack is more than it sounds. Are you ready for your kit to look like it is from the set of Transformers? Well you are in luck because the options are almost endless. Included in this pack are below   1x Elite Series...

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  • Warfighter Pack

    Warfighter Pack

    The Warfighter Pack includes the necessary equipment to be both resourceful and efficient. By keeping a slim profile and perfectly spaced equipment you will be able to operate faster and quicker than your average 12 year old. Select the options that you...

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  • Standard Player Pack

    Standard Player Pack

    The Standard Player Pack is where efficiency is the optimal kit. Select your color base and mount options for your "Messenger" Radio Carrier, Two Omega Banger Clips, and Universal M4 Mag Carrier. An all in one package for a discounted...

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