UPM Carrier

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The Universal Pistol Mag Carrier (UPM Carrier) is an Airsoft specific pistol mag carrier, designed to be modular to your replica GBB handgun mags. These carriers can be used for real firearm magazines in the properly selected options. The UPM is a very versatile carrier, using an adjustable arm mechanism for more precise retention adjustments. Because of this retention mechanism, Airsoft mags must orientate the feed lip side toward the adjuster, otherwise the adjuster could push the magazine gas release valve. Make sure to set up your carrier to work with your muscle memory. There are two sets of holes, one on the front and one on the back, these allow you to arrange the mag carrier in whichever configuration you desire. You can also stack two carriers on top of each other (we recommend using purple loc-tite or vibratite). Here are some specs;


.08" Kydex T P1 Haircell

Modular Retention Device

3 Different Size Options (9/40, DS .45, 1911)

Hole Pattern is compatible with;

Tactical Taylor MALICE Clips

BladeTech Tek-Lok

Safariland ELS

G-Code RTI (#33 or #34 hanger)