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Thank you for stopping by our community page! We have been involved in the Airsoft and shooting sports industry for over 10 years and always want to grow awareness to bring more people into these industries. Not to sell, but ultimately to grow and bring new people in to share the enthusiasm we have. Down below is a list of the even hosts, players, shoots, and organizations we support. This page will always be evolving as we do. So scroll around and click to see what cool people we have found!


         American Milsim


"American Milsim gives you the freedom to take your Milsim experience to the next level. Everyone has the ability to seek out and enjoy what American Milsim delivers without limitations. We deliver exciting scenarios never used before; helicopters providing players with the ability to experience arial combat missions, to players using APCs and Deuces."


              GRIMNIR Tactical


"Each event we create is hand crafted to be something special. Every mission, major event, scenario, and story beat is put in place to create the foundations for incredible stories.

 We were players first and we build events that we would want to play in. We strive to learn from each operation, iterate quickly, and consistently upgrade our game mechanics to provide new and exciting experiences for the community. We aim to be the tip of the spear, always.

 Our goal is to give every player their “moment” and to present challenging and interesting scenarios for stories to unfold in."

  • 40 hour, non stop events. No safe spaces, no planned stoppage in play, no compromise.

  • Highly structured chain of command, regulations, and expectations, for all factions.

  • Grand in scope and execution.

  • Multiple, varied game mechanics, mission types.

  • Heavy immersion and lore.


  Overwatch Tactics


"We are traveling airsoft/milsim production company. We travel to different local fields and unique AO's to help promote the sport of airsoft. The events we throw are all objective and mission based games. We at Overwatch Tactics strive to do our very best in customer service and throw the best possible event we can can."