Here we have the odds and ends of the strange products we make. Anything from the Redline Airstock Covers to EDC Wallets. 

  • Raven M12 Carrier (Odin)

    The Raven M12 Sidewinder Carrier is designed for the Odin Innovations M12 Sidewinder Speedloader. This fixed retention carrier holds the M12 in position on your gear to keep your field ammo close by. While the M12 is already a large piece of gear, the...

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  • Volume Soft Lock

    the Volume Soft Lock is simple but crucial to retain your volume adjustment. This 3D printed Volume Lock is made from PETG and has been thoroughly tested for strength and durability. Simply slide the lock one way or the other to lock/unlock your volume...

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  • UV5R Volume Lock

    The UV5R Volume Lock by Artifice Armory is built to be tougher than the radio and purpose designed to be 3D printed, these locks use the least material needed to create the strongest part required for the job. That means shaving those grams off...

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  • Redline Airstock Crane Cover

    An official Redline Airsoft product we now offer these Airstock Crane Covers. These covers have the same style cylinder retention on the HPA tank but now have an added on Crane stock form. This better helps the looks of your Airsoft rifle as well as give...

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  • Redline Airstock Cover (Slim)

    Quick Release cover for your Redline G1 or G2 Airstocks, making your tank not look like a tank. Giving you a more comfortable cheek rest and make your Airsoft gun look more like a piece of awesome. Not that it doesn't already. Constructed of .093"...

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  • EDC Wallet

    The EDC Wallet is a slim, and simple way to carry your credentials and money. These minimalist wallets fit up to 8 embossed cards, while also coming with a money band in your choice of color. The money band also doubles up it's tasks by retaining your...

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