• Tracker Keychain

    Tracker Keychain

    The Tracker is a simple product to keep your Smart Phone tracking devices stowed where you need them. If you want to use this product as a simple protective case, with a keyring, or make your own carry method, this case is a MUST for Apple Airtag users...

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  • MC Kydex T-Shirt

    MC Kydex T-Shirt

    This MC Kydex T-Shirt will definitely cover that hot bod, Dad bod, sweaty bod, bad bod, sad bod, god bod, burrito bod, Mom bod, or heck even your a French girl bod.    **T-Shirts may have an extended lead time**

  • Lipski Dip Can Carrier

    Lipski Dip Can Carrier

    The Lipski is a purpose built dip can carrier. Keep those pesky wear marks off of your designer jeans and keep your chaw on your hip. Not only can the Lipski be mounted to your belt, it can also be mounted to MOLLE on tactical webbing such as MOLLE or...

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  • MC Kydex Dump Tray

    MC Kydex Dump Tray

    Keep loosing keys, wallet, or pocket knife? Order one of these MC Kydex Dump Trays in your favorite color or pattern to keep all of your EDC items contained. This Dump Tray will fit full size handguns in a holster, wallet, keys, and other smaller items...

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  • EDC Wallet

    EDC Wallet

    The EDC Wallet is a slim, and simple way to carry your credentials and money. These minimalist wallets fit up to 8 embossed cards, while also coming with a money band in your choice of color. The money band also doubles up it's tasks by retaining your...

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