• Bladetech Midride w/Thigh Strap

    Bladetech Midride w/Thigh Strap

    The new and improved Duty Drop and Offset is a customizable, mid-rise attachment made to drop your holster and clear space for a faster, cleaner draw. Made in the USA with an ergonomic design, the Duty Drop and Offset form fits to...

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  • Fight Light MALICE Clips (2 pack)

    Fight Light MALICE Clips (2 pack)

    MALICE CLIPS® are injection molded, heavy duty, reusable connecting clips that are designed to attach modular pouches to MOLLE/PALS style equipment. MALICE CLIPS® are not affected by heat or cold, and will never corrode or lose their subdued...

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  • Warfytr Cinch Hooks (2 PACK)

    Warfytr Cinch Hooks (2 PACK)

    Weaving a belt through your holsters and pouches is a major hassle.  Having to wear a particular belt is too. The patented Cinch Hooks™ solve all that by locking tight to nearly any belt or military-style webbing...

  • Bladetech MidRide

    Bladetech MidRide

    Bladetech is one of the leading mounting solutions in the industry. Utilizing their strength and ability to drop your handgun to clear body armor, this Bladetech Midride is a perfect solution for duty or military uses. This mount is recommended for 2"~2...

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  • Holster Mounting Plate

    Holster Mounting Plate

      The Holster Mounting Plate (HMP) has several primary purposes. This plate will give the user the ability to swap mounts quickly without fumbling with the posts on the inside of the holster. It also gives more thread contact for your mount screws,...

    $15.00 - $16.00
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  • Bladetech Tek-Lok

    Bladetech Tek-Lok

    The Blade-Tech® Tek-Lok® Attachment is a versatile belt attachment platform that allows the user to securely attach gear to their belt. Featuring a secondary lock, the Tek-Lok is intuitive and quick to use yet stays attached...

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  • Volume Soft Lock

    Volume Soft Lock

    the Volume Soft Lock is simple but crucial to retain your volume adjustment. This 3D printed Volume Lock is made from PETG and has been thoroughly tested for strength and durability. Simply slide the lock one way or the other to lock/unlock your volume...

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  • G-Code #35 RTI Hanger

    G-Code #35 RTI Hanger

    The GCA35 Universal RTI Hanger is designed for heavy duty applications. This Aluminum mounting bracket is the male end of the G-CODE RTI System. The RTI Wheel (Part# GCA25) is sold separately. We have seen customer photos of these mounted to radios,...

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  • Exoskeleton


    A protective exoskeleton for your Baofeng UV-5R/BF-F8 or UV-82 radios. This mounts to the radio using the two pocket clip screw holes (mounting screws included). It prevents the volume knob from accidental adjustment and the PTT button from being...

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  • Thigh Strap

    Thigh Strap

    Blade-Tech's Thigh Strap is made from durable Nylon Webbing and rubberized stitching to last a lifetime. With its stout buckles, the thigh strap can be adjusted easily to the size of your thigh. The rubber stitching in the center of the Thigh Strap...

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