• Bladetech MidRide

    Bladetech is one of the leading mounting solutions in the industry. Utilizing their strength and ability to drop your handgun to clear body armor, this Bladetech Midride is a perfect solution for duty or military uses. This mount is recommended for 2"~2...

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  • DCL Combat Loop

    The DCL Combat loop is a fantastic way to mount any of our products to your belt system. No need to undo your belt for this loop though, with its quick release feature and locking mechanism, this belt mount is the best option. You can adjust the mount to...

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  • Safariland MLS16

    Safariland makes amazing mounting platforms. The MLS16 is our go-to MOLLE application mount, due to the mount being low-profile, strong, and only taking up two rows of gear. If you have a Safariland QLS system, the MLS16 will also act as a QD holster...

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  • UV5R Volume Lock

    The UV5R Volume Lock by Artifice Armory is built to be tougher than the radio and purpose designed to be 3D printed, these locks use the least material needed to create the strongest part required for the job. That means shaving those grams off...

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