Redline Airstock Crane Cover

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An official Redline Airsoft product we now offer these Airstock Crane Covers. These covers have the same style cylinder retention on the HPA tank but now have an added on Crane stock form. This better helps the looks of your Airsoft rifle as well as give you a better cheek weld. This two piece design means the retention is solid and snaps on to place while giving that military stock look. Choose from many color options to match your rifles look and feel.



  • .093" and .080" P1 Kydex T
  • Two piece deisgn
  • Stop Lip



  • Multiple Colors
  • Stop Lip
  • Crisp and Smooth Retention



MC Kydex and Redline Airsoft only guarantee fitment on the Airstock by Redline Airsoft. No other stocks have been confirmed on fitment.