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The Rapid Access Comms Carrier (RACC) is truly a one of a kind product 100% made in USA. We build the RACC unit because we saw a common issue of frequent access to your comms being difficult or a longer process than it should be. The RACC is a fold out radio carrier granting the user swift control over his/her communication channels. 


With the RACC being made of high quality Kydex T chemical resistant plastic this unit offers more perks than any Nylon pouch ever could. Featuring a hard protective layer over your radio, adjustable tension hinge for "hands-free" operation, cutout access to your PTT (while still preventing hotmic), access to speaker plugs, volume knobs, and channel knobs. Even cable management if you can get creative! Check out the specs for yourself. 



  • .080" Kydex T with P1 Haircell Texture
  • Adjustable Injection Molded Nylon Hinge
  • Rubber Coated Nylon Strap with Pull the Dot Snap (PTD)
  • Shock Cord Retainers
  • Modular Mounting Placard
  • MPS Compatible (Coming Soon)

Compatible Mounts:

  • Tactical Tailor MALICE Clips
  • WARFYTR Cinch Hooks
  • Bladetech Tek-Lok
  • Bladetech Molle-Lok
  • G-Code RTI (#33,#34,and #35)
  • Blackhawk Mounts
  • Safariland MLS, and ELS

Operating Instructions:

  1. Install your radio by presenting the bottom of your battery to the topmost shock cord retainers and sliding it in that first loop. Push the radio down to the bottom most loop (be careful of shock cord pinching buttons) and make sure the cord is centered on the radio. Then rock the radio back and forward a little to seat the radio in it's position.
  2. Close the RACC by folding the front half toward the back and secure it by finding the rubber coated strap and PTD snap. Pull the Dot snaps are meant to be released one way and clasped one way. Start the snap on the top of the receiver and rotate downward to secure the snap. 
  3. Open the RACC by lifting up on the PTD snap and then open the front half to your desired position.
  4. Adjust the hinge by tightening or loosening the midpoint Phillips drive screw on the inside of the front shell. 

Check the compatibility lists below!


Baofeng UV5R Model:

  • UV-5R
  • UV-5RV2
  • UV-5RV2+
  • UV-5X3
  • BF-F8
  • BF-F8+
  • BF-F9
  • BF-F9V2
  • BF-F9V2+
  • Possibly more, who knows, aren't they all the same anyways?

Baofeng UV82 Model:

  • UV-82
  • UV-82HP
  • UV-82C
  • UV-82X
  • GMRS-V1 

**UV-82 V2+ will not work**

Warranty Information

Lifetime Warranty on manufacturer defect and severe damage on normal wear and tear.

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  • 5
    RACC Radio holster

    Posted by Hermes Llerena on Jun 18th 2024


  • 5
    The best!

    Posted by Jason R on Jan 23rd 2024

    Got delivered today, I previously purchased a RACC for the uv-5r and was impressed then. I purchased one for my Anytone radio, I'm just as amazed. Between the customer service and quality of the product, I'm happy all around. This radio holder, I'm sure, will provide a layer of security and safety for my radio/s for years to come. Will be ordering another one for my other radio in the near future.

  • 5
    Pleasantly Surprised!

    Posted by Greg G on Nov 2nd 2023

    First off, I did experience a bit of a hiccup when I first purchased, but the Service and Support I got was outstanding. Since I work in retail, I understand stuff happens, so I wasn't going to let that dictate the terms of any review, on it's own. I want to add that this kind of product is exactly what I felt the Radio industry was missing...we have flip out phone attachments for our carriers, why not for our radio's? I bought one for my Anytone 878UVII, as it is where my greatest need was for the time being. My intention was that if I liked it, I would buy a couple more, as well as a couple for my baofeng radios. I have to say, I wasn't expecting the type of quality and robustness that this kydex product has. I was expecting something...well...more "Cheapo Kydex"...thin and flimsy. Instead I got a product that was more "Injection Molded" in nature, with a solid hinge. I also noticed that the shock cord will be very easy to replace, as that is always going to fail over time. The snap was solid as well. I did worry that the snap strap connection to the body of the pouch might damage the screen of the radio, so I put some moleskin over it, and I haven't had an issue. I gave this to my buddy who spends a lot of time hiking in the mountains, and he tried to make this pouch fail, and he wasn't able to. I will be ordering a few more of these pouches.

  • 5

    Posted by Michael on Oct 8th 2023

    Ran it on my rig for an airsoft event and it held up really well and I am super rough on gear and it never opened when I didnt want it to and kept my radio nice and safe as well as super snug so it never fell out even if I didnt have it clipped closed